XR80/100 forks

take a look at this pic: http://tinypic.com/4lrr82

those forks are definitly not stock travel, although due to the small diameter of the uppers, they appear to be the stock forks. Is there a way to get more travel out of the stock 80/100 forks?

Those forks in the pic are most likely from a 1985 CR80. I mounted a set on my XR100. They use the same steering head bearings as the XR80/100. It's best to get new tapered bearings for them though. I had to install a spacer under the damper rods to limit the travel about 2-1/2 inches shorter, otherwise the bike sits too tall in the front. Still, I'm getting a full 7 inches of travel out of them and the bike sits just right. The action on these forks is really good for the stock frame and a Work Performance shock. The fork springs had to be cut down a few inches too in order to shorten the travel and stiffen them up. The stock XR fender will even bolt right up to them. I used some forward bar mounts with the upper triple clamp to get the bars in the right spot too. All parts were found on eBay for cheap. I just purchased a set of 1986 CR80 forks and wheel/brake parts that I will take parts off to convert the whole setup to a disk brake in the front. IMO, the stock XR80/100 fork can not be made to work as good as this setup and a newer USD CR80 fork is overkill for this frame.

thanks. you mentioned buying an '86 CR80 front end; will that biolt right up to the XR frame as well?

another question, will 1987 forks bolt up? i found a pair on ebya and i need to know before i bid.

Yes, but you will need the '86 CR80 front wheel and the whole hydraulic brake from the handlebars to the wheel caliper. Otherwise, it is the same fork as the '85. With the '85 you can use the stock XR 80/100 wheel and brakes. You will need to get a 2" longer front brake cable made from TerryCable , which is about the same cost as a stock cable from them. I'm not sure if the extra trouble for the disk brake is worth it other than the bling factor. After all, you don't want to slow these bikes down too much after all the momentum has built up, lol.

Not sure about the '87 forks. Probably will fit but I only know about the '85 and '86 forks.

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