1st time valve check..help!

Hi, I'm about to attempt to check the valve clearances on my recently acquired 04 Wr450. I'm not the best mechanic! but willing and keen to learn.

Can someone list what i need to remove and in what order??

cheers :naughty:

Check your manual if you don't have one try a search for it :naughty:

Just a tip. After you remove your gas tank, wrap the frame and all of the wires, etc. just above the engine in saran wrap. It keeps the unseen bits of this and that from falling into the open head as you inevitably bump them while working. Its intimidating the first time, but go slow and it gets easier each time.

If you have to put new shims in ,place a rag in the cam chain cavity so you don't drop pieces in it. :naughty:

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