CR250 good for me??

I sold my XR250 about 6 months ago, and I'm looking to buy a different bike. I was wandering if the CR250 would be too much for me?? The XR250 was waaaaay too slow for my style of riding. I think the CR250 sounds like the perfect bike. I want a fast bike that will handle jumps well. How were the 98-02 CR250s as far as reliability, suspension, and performance?? thanks

what kind of riding do you do if its trails i would suggest a crf250/250x- yz250f/wr250

or 450

if motox then sounds perfect

If you are going 2-stroke, the 2001 CR250 was said to have the best motor. The YZ250's of that era are probably the way to go.

Get a YZ250, they have pretty much always lead in the engine department.

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