Fasstco Spoke Torque Wrench?

if all the spokes are torqued the same, would the wheel would be perfectly true? if so, i want one

if so i will have one???

You can purchase the kit, that includes the wrench and 11 heads or buy the wrench and select your heads.

In a perfect world...YES !!! IF the wheel is new, and not dished or offset, it would come out pretty darn near good. If it's used , has any corrosion or dents, no way.

It measures the torque of the nipple on the spoke, not of the spoke tension. If the integrity of the thread contact is compromised in any way, on any spokes, you'll get uneven tension.

People have old dirty wheels where the nipple will not turn and the spoke is loose. That wrench is worthless on that wheel.

How much does it cost?

Sorry, but even if all the components are brand new, equal torque on the spoke heads will NOT guarantee a true wheel. There are just too many variables: variations in the rim (from the weld, the valve hole, even the spoke holes being slightly off), the spoke (never EXACtLY the same length, thickness, etc), hub, and especially technique (did a spoke get twisted, how many turns each time around the rim (never more than 1 turn MAX after the initial tensioning).

I spent way too many years building bicycle wheels for track and road racing. There is just no short cut if you want to build a good wheel. Getting launched over the bars when the wheel you built collapsed is a darn good incentive to taking the time to do it right (don't ask me how I know :naughty: )

That said, I still want one of the Fastco spoke wrenches. :naughty: Looks like a good way to get a decent starting point.


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