Good luck charms and superstitions?????

Hey do any of you guys have any race superstitions about racing or have some sort of good luck charm you have when you go to a race.

I remember Kyle Lewis once said, "I'm not very superstitious, but I don't press my luck."

If I hurt myself wearing a certain pair of goggles, I'll wear another pair. I also make sure my dad tells me to be safe before I go and ride..just for some reassurance I guess.

The best good luck charm is the ignition coil of your opponent on a necklace.

I always put on my left boot & glove on before the right :naughty:

I always put on my left boot & glove on before the right :naughty:
That reminds me of something that I do: I put my right boot on first, going from top buckle to the bottom. Then I put the left one on next, but going from bottom buckle to the top...idk why I do it, it just kinda happens that way...

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