Fiber gasket help xr400

Hey, started my top end rebuild. So far everthing has been going well taking it apart. I am in the middle of cleaning the cylinder up to take in to be honed or bored. The fiber gasket that goes in between the cylinder and the cases is on there like glue. Any tricks on how to get this thing off? I have the head soaking in solvent, but so far has not done much to loosen it up. Would i be safe to try a razor blade or could that damage the surface? Any help with this is greatly appreciated!!

Yes it's on there good. You just have to be patient to get it off without nicking up the cylinder. Sorry I don't know any tricks. If you are going to a 440, then have them do a cleanup mill cut on that surface while the sleeve is out.

try gasket remover by peratex. Great stuff, just spray it on, let it soak a min the use a plastic putty knife to get it off.

think they have that at autozone? Ill give that a shot.

varsol ,or wd40, a scraper and or a razor blade will remove it, its a pain i just did mine, use gasket spray when you assemble , the next time it will be a cinch to remove.

Try not to nick the aluminium , if you do , then sand it with 400 0r 600 grit sandpaper.


thats where I got it, autozone

cool, thanks, guys ill let you know how it goes.

That gasket remover really works. Used it and the plastic putty knife. Took about 20 min or so to get the cylinder clean. Now i gotta be careful as i start on the remaining gasket on the cases :naughty:

thanks for the advice.

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