question on Z-start install

I need help asap, my bike is apart in the garage.

I am installing the rekluse on my 03 crf450. When measuring the space between the friction plates, I am measuring 0.101". The instructions say it should be 0.030-0.042". To make up that gap I will have to put back 4 stock plates to get it to the far end of the tolerance.

I measured a friction plate at 1.16", minimum spec by the owners manual is 1.06".

Has anyone else had to do this? THe directions make it sound like it should only take one stock plate to get back into tolerance.

I'll try and help, Rekluse site seems to be down at the moment. Was going to download instructions for your bike. According to the instructions on my bike the gap is measured between the upper most friction disc and upper most drive plate. Is that were your getting your measurement from? If your trying to measure between the two upper most friction disc, that would give you roughly 0.101............I"m standing by.

I will go out and measure that. From the picture it looks like between the friction disks. I will post again in a few minutes after I check.

I know the pic looks deceiving. Dont get in a hurry, carefully read the instructions on determining the installed gap. Your feeler gauge should slide in between the top friction disc and steel drive plate. Make sure you use two feeler gauges 180 degrees across from each other to eliminate any wobble. You might have to wiggle the gauges around a little to get them to slide in.

You were right, didnt read close enough the directions, they say explicitly between the steel plate & friction disk. Mine seems to be in spec. I start feeling a little resistance around 0.035 and can push up to a 0.042 in (I think I could just keep forcing more & more in).

thanks for the help. I would have ended up pulling the whole assembly apart & starting from scratch and still probably wouldnt have realized what I was doing right.

Thanks for the quick reply :naughty:

Glad I could help, mine are set at a snug 0.036 .....Remember to recheck gap after break in. Any more questions, just give me a shout. You'll like it.......

I actually purchased it used, you think it will still need a break-in period on my bike?

Depends more on the age of your friction plates and steel plates. Otherwise the break-in depends on you

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