quick question...opinions..

hey guys, today i was out on my dirt bike. i got this new thing for the end of my exhaust to quiet it down, baffle and spark arrestor. doesnt change the noise at all, just makes it less echoey.

anyways, today i took it up the street, its still loud, so i had one of neighbors up the street come out, he rides dirt bikes, he has a crf450r. well i went up the street like 2 or 3 times, and he said i was revving the bike out to long. i go a little farther than half throttle before i shift. when i ride the track it gets revved pretty high. but what do you think is the best posistion for the throttle before being shifted, what do you guys hold the throttle too..

i have been riding dirt bikes since i was about 7, im 15 now, so i have expierience, but i just want to get some other peopls opinions.



If your trying to be quiet then just shift as low as you can, the bike has enough power that you should be able to shift around 1/4 to 1/2 throttle.

i aggree supafreak....i go from 1st, skip 2nd and go right to 3rd when im quiet. can barely hear me creeping

but when your doing a drag race, and trying to go fast, then what is good throttle and what is to much..


Rev it until the power starts to fall off , then shift. The rev limiter is there for a reason. If you're hitting the rev limiter before you shift then you're revving too high, if not you're fine. You should know where your bike makes power, go full throttle and stay in the powerband.

What silencer do you have? Those corks are only good for about 2-3-4 db. So if it was 100db to start with, you'd be lucky to get 96db.

When I get on it, I do like 80% throttle and shift immediately. If you hold it wide it takes a few seconds to completely build rpms. I have never hit the rev limiter on my bike.

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