2004 vs 2005 power

I own a 2005 yz250f and I compared it with a 2004 of a friend (he has both ’04 and ’05). All the bikes are stock. I was amazed that the 2004 seem to pull longer and harder on top, the ’05 quit earlier and seem more flat. My friend tells me that he is feeling the same. Yes the’05 is snappier, but must be kind of short shifted compared to ’04. The bikes are european models. The ’04 comes stock 13-48, the ’05 is 13-49. Mine now is geared 14-50 for trials but even so it seem to sign out earlier. Do you have the same experience?

Could it be because of the modified air boot on ’05 (sort of power now)? As I understand that power now takes from top. I played with the main (stock 182) and needle but the bike feels the same.

Thank you for your opinions.

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