The sandpit

hey just wanted to see if u guys ever remember or ever been to The sandpit over in marysville WA at 116th ST?...i used to live right down the street from there so it was really nice walking the bike or maybe sometimes riding my quad over ther and riding it was so fun to ride there u had all sorts of terrain sand some really narley mud holes and pits hard compact dirt and cool trails i know its been like 5 or 6 years since they closed it but i wish they didn't cause now i have to take a hr or 2 drive somewhere to ride when i like walking distance away so ya i dunno i just thought i post the thread and see if any of u guys remember riding there at the time and what your thoughts are on... alsoo i was curious if u guys know or ever been to any like tracks to ride around snohomish county besides paying $40 to go to monroe?? i heard of one in marysville and snohomish?? :naughty:

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