looking to trade my supertrapp E.A.R. for stock LC4 620 exhaust

I have a supertrapp E.A.R. exhaust on my 620 that is near new condition (or at least looks great). I would like to trade anyone for the original exahust.. I am having a hard time getting below 96 db with the supertrapp even after repacking it.

I hope the stock is much quieter, I know I will be giving up some HP and probably need to rejet but this is not my race bike.

Hey ....

I have an extra exhaust for my 2001 LC4 640 E.

Barely even used; sitting on a shelf in my garage.

What is a Supertrapp E.A.R ?

Open to trades.

Let me know

tx Stewart

ya it should make it a lot quieter.

I will send you a pic just PM with your email.

not sure what the E.A.R. is but it has all the disks. Former owner said he laid out over $200 smacks for the system.

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