Well this place is dead on weekends

yea there is nobody on is everyone a sleep? :naughty:

Out riding dude........I just came in

yeah, the only people on are the ones without a way to haul their bike this weekend like me.

Or working "on call" and HAVE to stay home.

I played 20 holes of golf at Ft. Lewis today. Sliced the ball all damn day..............should of went riding :naughty:

just got back from rock-candy mt. it was a lot of fun. my 1st time ever riding there. scenery sure beats belfair.

Got back from riding China Hat DS and I won 1st. place! :naughty:

Congrats! Nice job. :naughty:

Thanks, now they don't don't want me to come ride events in Oregon anymore! LOL :naughty:

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