Drummond Island - Memorial Day weekend

Hey gang,

While the rest of you were sitting in front of the TV today oldmanrider and myself were doing all the free mods on his bike :D Got that WR starting with the E-start on the first whirl :naughty: .

Among several conversations, one kept coming up. It seems as though we're both talking about a Drummond Island trip. What do ya think YZMAN. Ya think ya could boil over a couple of rookie riders on a pair of nice new unscratched up WR's. We're up for the task, anyone else? :naughty: Did I just set us up oldmanrider? :D I think I might have just stuck a stick in the bee hive! :D

Let's start the planning.

Who's going...Who's driving...Who's got room in or on the trailers!

Ahh newbies. heh heh heh heh.........

Well there is always a good sized turnout for this ride. There is usually about 20-30 people that show up. Most are either West Michigan Trail Rider members or CCC members.

So far the TT folks that I know are going or talking about going are


Godzuki (if he gets permission)





Sndmn2, Son, + possible friends

I think this weekend is on the CCC schedule (or at least used to be) but you really cant call it a CCC event. There is no signup fees and no sound test. Very informal. Just a good weekend of riding.

Most of us just rough camp on the island. If you look at the map the camping area is like 100 yards south of the staging area at #13. Some people stay at hotels/cabins on the island.

Here is the best map of the island that I know of. The CCC's map of the island is off a little. This one is better.


As I was saying we rough camp. There is no water on site. But thanks to the new improved staging area there is now a bathroom (bring your own :D paper just to be sure). There is room for campers and motorhome's. But if you have a big rig you gotta get there early friday afternoon as the flat spots fill up fast. Note we have to leave a spot for Joe D's motorhome. Thats law :naughty: I do know of a place in town were you can get a nice hot shower for cheep if ya need come sunday night. Some weekends I swear I would of paid any amount for that shower.

There is a well stocked corner store like 5 miles west of camp on the main road (they have ice creem :naughty: ) in as well as a nice bar/resturant. (just ask the Johnsons, all trails lead to this bar :cry: ) A little farther west of there is gas and more supplies. Expect to pay more on the island for pretty much everything.

Weather there is all over the place. We have had blistering hot weekends and cold rainy weekends. We ride in whatever the conditions are. There is always chainsaws and splitting mauls there so no need to bring one for firewood. We scrounge in the woods for wood. Never a shortage of that. ez-up canopy's are a good idea cause of the weather. I usually tent camp there. But I may try a pop up this year depending on how my ROS outing goes :D

If its decent weather be prepared for the bugs. They can get ugly. Bring extra boots/ riding gear cause chances are that you are gonna get wet and muddy. There aint nothing like that sweet stench of stagnant mud burning off a hot head pipe to get ya in the groove :D

As for bike setup, If you have HD tubes ya might want to install them. Run higher tire pressure. Soften up the forks, there are lots of rocks there to punish you. If you are thinking of installing those new tires before heading out think again. Wait till you get home. No sence destroying a new tire. I killed a new tire there my 1st year out. I have gotten better at throttle control since then. Bring spare tubes or a patch kit if ya have them. Otherwise someone in the group will have what ya need. Have a good skid plate and aluminum handguards? You can ride pretty much anywere on the island unplatted. There is a 4-way stop on your way across the island. That is the cuttoff point of were you can ride an unplatted bike pretty much. Any were east of there you are good to go.

The ferry that takes you to the island. Prices very depending on what you bring across. A truck may be $12. My truck and 8' enclosed trailer and 2 people around $20. The length of the trailer changes the price. The ferry fee is to get you over and back. So you only pay once. I think the last ferry is like 11:40pm friday night so be on it. Here is the ferry schedule

fery schedule

Thats about all I can think of at the moment. If you have never rode the island and have always wanted to this is a good weekend to go. Unless you have a very good sence of direction or GPS its best to go with someone that knows there way around. I have been there since 99 and I am just starting to figure out my way around. Its confusing. There are 2-tracks all over the place and they all look alike. Very easy to get turned around.

We usually get there friday sometime and leave Monday. I may stay till Tuesday and ride some of the mainland stuff Monday with Joe. Helps let some of the holiday traffic disperse before heading home.

Its not that expensive of a weekend. Gas to get up there is about the worst part.

As of right now I have an open spot in my truck unless Godzuki speaks up.

Here ill add some pictures of the island.

link #1

Link #2

Memorial weekend 2004

Labor day weekend 2004

Some picts from the 6 days on the island last year

What day do you usually head up there and then back home?


Sndmn2 and sndmn jr. The sawbones says he should be good to go in about 3 weeks. :naughty: I might have two more with me if they don"t wuss out. :naughty: We will probobly leave around 10 or 11 am on Friday. Sounds like Trailriderjoe and Oldmanrider are headed up too. They both live just around the corner. We could probobly caravan up from Brighton.Still plenty of time to plan.

Yzmann, I have your head warmers. I"ll bring them Sat. Cmore mentioned you might be there.

Oldmanrider : You up for a trip to Baja ?. Sounds like your trip to Log Rd. wasn't that great. Give me a shout if your interested. Wed. are usually the least crowded. They ride from 3-8.

Hey SE MI guys. Here's a thought? The Motorhome is 32' with three beds, plus a 12' enclosed trailer that hauls three full size bikes, and one TTR (mid sized youth bike). Based on that do you think we can carpool with the motorhome? Don't know the ferry fees yet but at 2.25+/gallon and 7.5mpg MAX., I'm looking for people who want to share in the luxary of a shower, food, warm bed, and a dry roof, for a small fee of gas donation.

Let's plan away.

The motorhome sounds great - there would likely be myself and a friend (raceman1500)who would be interested.

Drummond Island there is no better place to ride this side of purgatory ? hell. cannot wait to go again it has been 2 years now and cannot wait to return. If you can go GO!


Since you're the resident Drummond expert, what do you think?

Should I take the motorhome and 6x12 enclosed, or would the gas and ferry fee waste the benefit on the island? You figure the rig runs just under 50' with the trailer - that ferry fee aint gonna be cheap. Should we just pack up the Suburban and pull the trailer that way, kind of rough it a little?

I used 380 miles (via Mapquest)

The difference plugs in at $70 versus $115 one way

Plus feery fee.


Me I am cheep. I'd just rough it. I have tent camped out there for years. No big deal. Yea it can suck if the weather turns really wet. But at the end of the day, and you climb into your waterlogged tent and soggy sleeping bag you will be too damned tired to care. I know I have in the past. Besides how much time do you really spend in the motorhome anyways? If you had a bigger trailer and could stuff a few more people in there it may be worth it.

$70 -vs- $115. Thats an extra $25 per the 3 people in your group. Thats like giving up an extra case of beer apiece! Unacceptable.

Also like I was saying. The camping area has been getting crowded in the last few years. The smaller the rig the better.

It usually runs me about $140-150 for gas and ferry fees in my Ranger. Thats up and back. If I end up going at it alone I might be just my truck with the bike in the back. Cram everything I need into the extend cap and go to it.

I hear ya YZMAN.

I just filled the toy up for ROS. A little birdie at the gas station told me they were raising there price in the AM by a WHOLE LOT.

It had a qtr tank and at $2.25 it still took $130 :naughty:

I'm thinkin if my riding partners are up for it, the Yukon might be the better route. I'd hate to get up there sometime Friday afternoon and fight to get a spot for the beast.

The good thing is the trailer offers pretty good quarters if the tent goes to floating.

So what do ya think the WR will do, other than overheat. I suspect I might want to jump to a 13/51 for this ride? stock is 14/49. Your thoughts?

The wr will work perfect just as it is. Dont change a thing. It's the YZ's that have troubles out there. And only my yz400 at that. Every other yzf I have seen out there has done fine. Maybe its just me huh?

Im not certain if I am taking the entire day off Friday or just the morning. If its just me then I may take the whole day of, get an early start, and get there in time for some riding, and still have a plenty good buzz on by the time the last straglers come rolling in at dark thirty.

As dry as its been lattely I dont think we have to worry about anything floating. Its looking like you "newbies" might be getting off easy. There may be no waist deep mud holes to traverse. That will really break your heart wont it?

phfffffft if i get to go you can bet it will be raining. hehe i always have a black cloud following me. hehe i may have to borrow that fox rain coat from wolfys kid hehe

Just in case my brother decides to go. We'll be one trailer spot short with our load. Anybody going up that has a empty spot on the trialer?

I'd rather plan for it now than be in a yank to figure it out later. :naughty: Got plenty of room for the people and gear just one short for a bike!



You wouldn't change the gearing? How tight is the riding? I kinda figured at least a 13T front would be in order. You're the resident gura...I defer to the Drummond Island Master :naughty::naughty::cry::D:D:D

I have 2 friends that have rode wr's (400 and 250) out there with no problems with gearing. The wr 1st gear is low anyways. I always geared my yz down 1 tooth. But thats a yz. They are geared higher than wr's. If it was me I would just run it as is. My X has stock gearing on it.

Like I was saying for your wr about the only thing I can recomend is a good skid plate and HD tubes. But even those are optional. I still have the wafer thin tubes in my X. No flats yet. And I have rode my yz out there with no skid plate with no problems. Run higher tire pressure in the tires and you are usually fine. I value a good set of handguards over anything else I have listed.

Duckboy is going. He is in the east side of the state somewere. He may have room for another person. I dont know if he is bringing his monster truck or something smaller, ie more economical.

Some of the trails are crazy tight. Almost all the trails are littered with rocks and roots. Some of them are nothing but rock. And not little gravely stuff. Basket ball and bigger stuff. Some of it loose. The hardest part is its hard to get any rythm going out there.

There is a local 4x4 jeep/truck club on the island that is in charge of the island trail mainentance now. And from what I have seem all they have to do the trail maintenance is 4x4 quads. So now most of the trails are now quad width were they were prevesiousely bike width. As of last labor day there was still a good chunk of trail that they havent managed to squeeze thru. But even at quad width these trails are plenty chalanging to keep you interested.

And as an added bonus......There isn't a single woop on the entire island :naughty:

I cant wait to introduce you folks to the Killing fields.....heh heh heh....

Oh and beore you all start wimpering and such :naughty: ... Let me just remind you that my 8 yr old son rode it last year on a TTR90 and was smiling the whole time :D And we wern't easy on him. He did 25 miles of some of the nasty'st stuff on the island.

The Digger aka YZman JR

Just in case my brother decides to go. We'll be one trailer spot short with our load. Anybody going up that has a empty spot on the trialer?

I'd rather plan for it now than be in a yank to figure it out later. :naughty: Got plenty of room for the people and gear just one short for a bike!


If I"m in the pick-up I"ll have room. I"m about 90% percent sure I"ll be able to accomadate you.

that ride was a step up on the ladder for digger, he did a super job. & the looks on the jeepers as they drove by, that such a little bike out there in ruggednest of the island was cool. as for gearing I went down 1 on the front for wr426 but I'm bringing the yzf.

Thanks for the new background #29 It gets no better/worse tha drummond. thanks for the online vacation back to paradise/hell.

How do you think an old 87 xr600 would do on the island? Ive dropped the front sprocket down to 13 but the back is 48. Thanks

I am guessing you would do ok on it. I have seen XR650's out there. The big XR's actually do very well in the rocks. There weight helps you to not deflect off the rocks and roots. But that is a big bike to be wrestling around in there. If you are man enough to be throwing that big beast around then the bike is more than capable of handling it.

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