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Need Help on Suspension

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Hi all,

I have never really "set up" my 2000 XR400 suspension to fit me before and would like some help doing this,

I'm 5'8" and around 198lbs. Most of my riding is in the back country riding dirt trails and rarely go to the track.

Does anyone have and web-site to help me out or is there information that someone can pass along :naughty: .

Any help would be great. :naughty:

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Well, that's a big question. There is alot to suspension, but the fact that you're focusing on it is great. A lot of folks here know that suspension should be one of the first things you focus on, rather than jumping to engine, hp, etc.

I think of all the mods I have spent money on, the suspension was the one that gave the best results on the trail. It will make you a better rider - period.

One article that I thought was a great starting place was this one on www.4strokes.com.

You'll get the best performance out of your stock suspension by having it properly adjusted, and going with a light weight fork oil.

If and when you have the money for upgrading the suspension, getting springs that match your weight, terrain, etc. and possibly getting it revalved will give you a more plush and forgiving ride that eats up all those rocks and roots on the trail.

Here's another pretty good article about setup & tuning of suspension for off-road from the guy who did my suspension.

I'll pass along any links to more detailed suspension articles as I find (ahem, remember) them.

good luck

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