New fellow here...Hello all

Hello all...After searching through my father in laws barn...I found 4 vintage bikes...Yamaha PW50 Red/White...Not sure on the year. 1978 Kawasaki KE100, 1975 Suzuki TS185 and a Yamaha TY250...Not sure on the year of that one either. From reading some of the posts, I would imagine it's in the mid-70's somewhere. I am not real familiar on "trials" bikes...I hear they are more "torquey" then fast. If anyone has advice, questions or want to know more...I am sure these bikes will be up for sale in the near future...Please drop me a line.



so what do u ride?

Since I am new to the sport, I am currently "learning" on the aforementioned bikes...YES...They are older, but they do run and give me the opportunity to learn. In the future...Who knows for sure...I guess it will depend on finances. For the time being...I am in the process of planning and constructing a moto-cross track.

Build yourself a Trials Playground.. It takes up a LOT LESS real estate and the neighbors might not even know you are riding.

If you are interested in trials, I would spend some TLC on your TY 250. They are great trials machines, and I still see at least one on the trails every week. Once you move on, put it up for sale, everyone seems to want one of these things.

I wish I found four bike just sitting somewhere :naughty:

Good Point "TLRThumper"...I was planning on spending some time with the TY...It runs great, seems to have a little clutch slippage though...I have adjusted the cable as far as it will go, but when you put it in 1st, with the clutch in...It goes anyway. I think that maybe my first task...It is fun to ride though...A very "torquey" bike.

I am not a small dude by any stretch, and it pulls me up pretty steep grades without effort.

I have the room to make a small track, so I think that maybe in works real soon as well.

The TY's handlebars have surface rust, the tank is a little dented, some of the graphics are worn or gone...But other then that...It is in pretty good shape.

Yeah...It was dumb luck to come across those bikes...My father in law never told me he had them, I just sorta discovered them on my own. I would like to possibly restore the TY and the Suzuki TS...Guess we'll see how much $$$ is available.

Thanks for the input and advice...

Take Care...

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