Very cool F1 engine testing video

Cool - Very Cool :naughty::naughty:

Wow that is sweet! The pipes are like glowing... DUH well thanks thats awsome!

Awesome vid. Probably should be in the OT or the Pics/Video forums, but im not going to complain... the video is sweet.

That is one of THE coolest things i have seen in a long time!!!!Even if it is a Renault! :naughty:

i will try to move it to video


Sweetness :naughty: I need a paper towel.

Oh MAMA!! That was cooooool :naughty:

I love that sound. If you guys have never been to a F1 race but want to go, I have 1 piece of advise. TAKE EAR PROTECTION. Those cars scream and really hurt your ears when they go past wide open. Indy is a great track to see them race, well worth the moeny for the tickets. :naughty:

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