Auto Clutch

What is this and what does it do specificallty ?

I think its just like it sounds. The clutch automatically engages. I dont own one but from what I understand they make the bike near imposible to stall, and ridding easier due to not having to think about the clutch.

Wow a auto clutch... Sorry i havent even heard!

Sounds lame

So now whenever i reply i'm trying to raise my post count???? Hey look i just raised my post count by 1!!! thanks freek of nature 711

First you try to boost your post count in the YZF/WR 250 forum, guess your working on it here too...

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Wow that got out of hand, Auto Clutches, Rekluse (my favorite) Revlock, and EMF all work good . For what their intended to do.

iv only ever heard of an auto-clutch on a 50cc bike, thats it. Im not sure if you could get one on a 125/250, but if you could it would be interesting... hmmm...

Sounds lame

probably lots of things "sound lame" when you're 15

probably lots of things "sound lame" when you're 15

i can vouch for that one :naughty:

Ice you can get the Rekluse for 125 honda's and 250's of other makes and all KTM's and other Euro bikes

Do auto-clutches make teh bike run hotter? I would imagine the clutch is allowed to slip a little more.

Yamahaguy: I was implying that you were trying to raise your post count by posting another absolutely worthless comment. If you dont have something to add, dont waste peoples time. Thats what the OT forum is for...

Do auto-clutches make teh bike run hotter? I would imagine the clutch is allowed to slip a little more.

i can't say for sure, but i've never heard it come up in all the auto-clutch discussions, so i'm guessing that they don't affect running temperature.

The auto clutch when used properly will probably run cooler than a manual clutch. The auto clutch slips only when necessary, as long as you don't try to run too high a gear.

Do the kits allow you to still use the manual clutch? I might go for a auto clutch, but I would still want a lever to grab if I needed it.

Judging from previous posts, the only real con of his product are down hills. When the throttle is off, the clutch slips and doesn't really allow engine braking. But from what I gather this is somewhat adjustable. I would love to get my hands on one as I am always stalling my 250X, but a little too expensive for me.

Sounds lame

so is the fact you consider riding a quad

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