go medium or go home

These are the only photos I could find of our top secret ride area. I've got more photos and video I will try to post also. Oh yeah I slipped in a pic of my vicious attack puppy. Check them out, let me know what you think





Looks pretty sweet, can't wait to see a video of that place. :naughty:

I think I tried to post this link before. It has some video of the place where those photos were taken. Some other local ridding spots are on there too. The soundtrack is a little ify but its not my fault I swear.


what part of california is that in?

Yeah thats sweet!

All of that was filmed near La Grange (central california, sierra nevada foothills). There may also be some footage from carnegie on there as well.

Hey, look at me, I'm a fag on a 250!

Hey, look at me, I'm a fag on a 250!

lol, that was funny :D:naughty::naughty::D:D:D:cry::D

lol, that was funny :D:cry::D:D:p:p:D:D

i was cracking up ....

"I am a queer doing a no footer just to be on camera" :naughty::naughty::busted::D:D :D:lol:




Hey, look at me, I'm a fag on a 250!

yeah, that couldn't be any more true

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