2005 CRF 450 clutch

Is anyone out there having clutch problems on there 05 450, I have gone though 3 clutches in 1 month. 2 times pulled out the old clutch and all the friction material is rubbed off of several friction plates? I have never seen this before. Tried Honda 10-40 and amsoil 20-50. Any suggestions?

Take it back!!!

Are you riding it like a 2-stroke? If so, don't. Stay away from the clutch.

If not, forget what I said.


I don't know what to tell you.. My 05 seems ok. I never even did a clutch in my 03..lol

I have a 02 CRF450r and after about 3 years of flogging it on tight mountain trails

I finally replaced it with a Barnett Dirt digger Kevlar clutch.

One important thing I learned back in the days when I still rode Suzuki's. Change the

trans oil OFTEN. Not doing so will eat up clutches faster than anything else you can do to them. I generally change my trans oil about ever 75 miles of woods riding.

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