Chinese knockoffs

So what's the verdict on these? There are some guys in my area selling really cheap ( I just question the "90% Honda compatibility" and how safe these are for my kids. I would be looking at the 110 and the 70.


seriously get a honda for the kids, dont want that kid growing up thinking cheapo items are the way to go! lol

the BIG deal with these is the shift pattern !!!!! BEWARE!!!! some can go from fourth to first with one extra shift!!!! deadly for the kid and the motor. as for the rest as long as you get one that wont do that there great i use lifan have doen it 3 times and there awsome. china just bought japans old tooling from there old plants and are making these with old honda tooling the 107 is a bored and stroked 70 so honda 70 parts bolt right on if you happen to have a mishap and need something for some reason but i havent even bought a plug for any of my 3 107's ride em alot and ride em hard !! WATCH OUT FOR THE TRANNY !!!!!!!! ROTARY AND UNICYCLE IS WHAT THEY CALL THEM AND I BELIEVE ROTARY IS THE BAD ONE AND UNICYCLE IS GOOD BU DOUBLE CHECK !!!!! hope i helped .... i get the lifan 110 for about 500 depending on auto or manual

i looked at the website and think that those motors (by the look of the morot case) is the one with the bad tranny, and it doesnt come with a carb and it should, plus that intake will NEVER fit a xr50... what are you putting them into? mine all went into xr 50 and we had to mod the intake tube a bit but not too tough.

Thanks all. I think I'll just stick with the original plan (XR50, KX 65). We had an '02 XR50 and loved it. I just thought I might be able to get two for the same price but, I don't want to do it at the risk of my kids - 8 and younger. I also have a 10 and a 9yo that will want something more than the XR50 can offer so hence the 65 (wish there was a 4 stroke with decent suspension and a clutch).


1 CRF/XR50

+ 1 75cc big bore engine kit

+ 1 upgraded suspension front and rear

+ 1 3-speed manual trans conversion

= 1 backyard playtoy for Dad when the kids go to Grandma's


What kind of suspender upgrades?

Is the manual conversion a kit?

How competitive is this with a 50-60cc 2 smoker?


Ok, I found the info on the TB manual kit - looks great.

Still not sure about the suspension though :|


you can spend thousands or hundreds, what kinda budget you looking at?

Not a large budget. What I want to accomplish is to have all four stroke bikes (similar maintenance). I want a stock XR50 for my 5 and 8 YO and I want something for the 9 and 10yo that could be enjoyed on the track. I am guessing I would be better off with a KLX 110 for that but, if I can make a 50 or 70 work then that's better.

So, $-wise I would not want to spend much more than $2k total on the older kid bike.



...(wish there was a 4 stroke with decent suspension and a clutch).


PM Jester220. He has a very nice XR70 with plenty of suspension for 9~10yr olds. He can direct you to many threads here that will explain the build process.

He's a good dude, and should be able to help you out.

hey im all new to this mini thing and i was wondering if the xr 50 was the way to go or one of these 110cc chinese knockoffs. some of them dont seem that bad but i cant figure out if i need to go brand name or buy a faster and cheaper knockoff. i dont want to spend more than 800 on a bike so the knockoff seems the way to go but i hear bad things about the trannies so i dont no what to do.

  • Nothing beats the honda for being reliable!

  • I've read alot of post on these knock offs...some do good, some straight up die....its russian roulette with these motors and bikes.

  • Buy a Honda. My .02. :naughty:

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