fitting overflow canister on yz250

Hello again, Is it possible or should I say worth while to fit an overflow canister on a 02 yzf250. I'm only trail riding and have noticed it doesnt take long to realy heat up when idling. I havent even taken this bike out yet to ride, but want to solve potential problems I might have before they come up..

All bikes just about like the YZF heat up quickly. Don't let it idle more than a couple minutes with out air running through the radiators. My bike warms up quick too.

Putting an overflow canister on wouldnt make it heat up any slower. From what I see the only time its used is when the bike over heats and instead of the coolant pissing all over the ground it goes into the bottle. You could always change coolant to something like Engine Ice or Water Wetter. I'm not sure how hard it would be to put one on a YZF but I know they dont have the bracket that the WR has.

wow I just posted this!!! Thats what I wanted to know...So what Im figuring from this is that the wr would have the same prob with heating up if it idled the same amount of time....or whats different between the two that prevents it from heating up?

The wr radiators have a higher capacity, which means more cooling. It has the bottle so the antifreeze can be put back in later if it over heats. I think as long as its not jetted lean and you aren't going slow with high rpm's you wont ever have a problem.

The Wr does have larger radiators then the Yzf but thats the only thing I could think of that would make heating up different between the two. Once you get riding tho you should be fine. The bikes where not made to sit and idle like that.

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