Hitting neutral

Does hitting neutral between first and second hurt a bike. If so I have a problem because sometimes when I'm not thinking about it I will hit it.


It doesnt hurt it too much, just gives the engine a wakeup call.

dont worry about it thats why theres a rev box!!!!!

Shouldnt hurt it much at all, I do it sometimes when my pegs fill up with mud and it gets slippery. Remember, you should be riding on the balls of your toes and if you do it a lot your feet might be positioned wrong on the pegs. Also you get better control and riding position with your weight on the balls of your feet.

where do you ride crf-rider186

It is nothing more than reving the bike. Just make sure you don't jump on it an shift into second while the revs are up.

Pro rider, I ride in B.C. If you can get up to canada i advise it. It has some awesome riding. Unless you already live there. I am just to lazy to check.

Ok. Pro rider since you live in B.C i ride in the Cariboo

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