Well, I'm off the bike for a while

It is with great difficulty that I type this to you - mostly because I can only use one hand. I put the short story on another forum, but didn't get much love.

A week ago today, I entered my first Grand Prix. Granted, I'm not what anyone would consider to be a great rider, but that is why I entered Novice class. I made the parade lap just fine. The track was great. There were a ton of riders. When the race started, I held off, to start in the back of my group. On turn three, some guy on a Honda plows into me and rides me into a tree. Now, I realize that some of you think that "rubbin' is racin'," and I can understand that, but this was early in the race, and there was a ton of room, and no reason for him to be near me. I wasn't racing. I was riding. He kept going.

Anyway, after I hit the tree, I hit the ground. The wrist hurt, but I knew something was wrong when I looked at it. They aren't supposed to look like that. So one of the race officials helps me pick up the bike, and says, "Start her up and go." Sorry, but I couldn't pull in the clutch - or do anything else with the left hand, for that matter. So, I finally ride/push my bike back to the pickup, and walk over to the ambulance area. They put an ice bag on it, and put it in a sling that was less comfortable than the injury. I watched my 8-year old in his race (he made it much farther than me, by the way), and walked around for a couple of hours before I finally made it to the ER.

Bottom line - arm broken in three places. Surgery with plate and screws. If I knew how, I would put the pictures from my cell phone here for your enjoyment. The worst part - he broke my brake lever! At least that's all I can tell that happened to the bike.

Let me tell you something. After you turn 40, this kind of thing ain't that fun. It really takes a lot out of you.

I don't know how long I'm out of commission, but I will be back on the bike as soon as I possibly can. I'm guessing 8 weeks.

Probably no more GPs, though.

Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I hope it heals quickly!

As for racing, I gave that up years ago because I tend to take bigger chances racing than I normally would trail riding. :naughty:

Ahhhh don't be a sissy. I am 38 and went down going 5 gear wide open and broke my shoulder. I went out riding 2 weeks later. Thanks to my doctors I rode for the next ten weeks before I found out that it was actually broke. I stayed off the bike for 6 weeks. Then the doc said it healed nicely( yeah right) I went to a different Dr 7 months later under new med insurance. He took an x-ray and looked at me and said you need surgery. Your shoulder is in two pieces. Mind you this has been 10 months after the bad get off I had. So the day before surgery my brothers and I go on one of the most physical rides we have ever been on knowing that I might not be able to ride for a couple of months. GET BACK ON AND RIDE!!! OR SELL THE BIKE AND GET A QUAD lol

I am 43 years young, and just recently bought a 05 wr450, My wife and I just read your story and I am now never allowed to race again. (not that I wanted to anyway) I hope you a speedy recovery and hope to see you hitting the trails again soon.:naughty: Remember to get back on that horse (mare) as fast as you can, and give her as much hell as she gave you. OH yea and enjoy your time off work. :naughty: Ride on!

SkyRaider, always hate to hear when someone goes down and the parts don't match up afterward.

I started racing again at 46 and at first I think I did it to kind of prove something... only thing it proved was how outta shape I am. I now think of it as a way to sharpen my skills and I find that if I stay within my limits the racing has me feeling a lot more comfortable on the tough trail rides.

Hope you get back on soon and do a race again sometime.

Get a Rekluse and you won't need the clutch lever anymore! That should speed up your recovery time.

I hear ya about the brake lever. I used to say "I hope the bike isn't hurt, it costs too much to fix and I heal for free" :naughty: That was before any major injuries though. I've since changed my opinion. LOL

A little encouragement.......

I've got a plate and screws inside my right wrist from a riding accident in the early 90s. I sheared a large piece completely off the end of the radius and my hand was completly offset from my arm - very ugly and painful. Worried I'd never have full use of my hand again, first doctor told me this. He was just going to throw a cast on and be done with it, because it turns out he had a lot of patients and only chose to operate on those who's insurance paid the most (yes this happens). After I looked at the X-ray I decided to get a second opinion from another doctor that had done my ankle years earlier. He took one look at the X-ray and I was in surgery the next day. Cost me another $2k because he was out of network but the wrist recovered and now I'd say it's 90%. Doesn't bother me at all riding, sometimes feels a bit tired the day after a hard ride but I cant complain.

Bottom line is get involved with the doctors, don't accept an explanation without challenging it and realize they don't always have your best interests in mind. They're just glorified mechanics - some honest, some not, and some much better than others at what they do. Ask around, you'll find the good ones if you dig around enough. Good luck with the arm, and make sure you follow through with the physical therapy so you get as much range of motion back as possible. :naughty:

That's the attitude. You're coming back. That's what matters. :naughty:

that sucks!!!!! karma will get him!!

Sorry to hear that. Hope you have a quick recovery and give it another shot.

Racing and riding street bikes have the same problem....it's the other guy that gonna get you!


Sorry about the arm-I'm always thinking of "The Big One" when I'm on my bike. I just raced for the 1st time in 23 years and it whooped my a**. I had guys cutting me off in corners etc.. and I know that that is racing, but I just let them go. I wanted to prove to myself that I was still competitive and I proved my 43 year old butt is out of shape. It never hurts trail riding but that racing thing wore me out. I will continue to race because I want to become a better rider but I will not push myself to the point where I wreck-Just not worth it. That means if I come in last I really don't give a sh*t as long as nothing is broke. Hope you heal fast and look out for the other guy!!

Thanks for the nice responses.

I would have gladly let him go by, but I never saw him till he was hitting me. The only thing I can come up with was that he got a really bad start, and was trying to make up some time, and just got a bit out of control. We were actally between turns.

Them's the breaks.

Sorry about the arm. I am over 50 and still do an occaisonal enduro in the old mans class which isnt so intense and banzi oriented. Last one was really cool at the LTR they put rest stops in scenic places where you could enjoy the great views. I am just up the road in Amarillo so when you heal up holler and we can meet up for a day of trail riding at Lake Mackenzie. If you havent ridden there you need to.

At 52 years old I'm going to see the knee surgeon tomorrow after a little ski accident at the end of the ski season. My GP figures some damage to the ACL along with the LCL for good measure. I didn't go to the Beagle Bash Enduro on the weekend since it was trying to snow/rain and does my arthritis in what was my bad knee no good at all.

Yes I was wearing my knee braces and no it didn't help. Anyway I also sent in my entry for the next event since i figure since the knees are wrecked why stop now?


Sorry to hear about your luck!!!! I am on the tail end of a broken foot right now, so I can feel your pain. My bike faired a bit worse than a broken brake lever though.... Unfortunately I am healing faster than my 450. I was pretty settled after my wreck to hold off on riding for a while until I started getting around my bike. Now I can't wait to get back on!!! Good luck dude, heal fast and we'll see you out on the trail!!!!!!

As for racing, I gave that up years ago because I tend to take bigger chances racing than I normally would trail riding. :naughty:

Uh huh, :naughty:

My hip and elbow still hurt from falling off that ledge on the Red Trail.

Very sorry to hear about your arm. I shattered mine in 2002, along with my elbow in a quad accident. You'll be back in no time. Just allow yourself enough time to heal before hitting the track or trails again.

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