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'82 xl500 maiden voyage

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Well, I took my XL500R up to Forest Hill, LA today for its first beating. They have 3 woods trails that are 30 miles each. No not a typo! First time on the bike, and first time at Forest Hill.

I rode 60 miles and here are the results:

-Smashed both front blinkers

-ripped off the front brake lever

-trashed the rear bike lever

-bent and cracked the front fender

-moderatly sprained my right foot

-small dent in the tank

I'd say a pretty successfull day! Remember these are forest trails and some of the trail is barely wide enough to get a bike through. If you don't case it, then you aren't improving, right?

I ache in places I haven't ached in a long time. I'm going to bed.


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