Valve Tips

Hey all, I'm looking into checking out my valves for the first time, just wanted to know if anyone had some tips that they found made things go a little easier, faster, more thorough than the manual? Thanks for any help.

04 YZ450

For one thing, there is no reason to remove the radiator(s), or drain the coolant, so don't.

For more, check ThumperFAQ

It's a site for the 250F, but the info is good for the 450 as well. Just use the clearance specs in your manual, since they are different.

Also, the upper engine mount on the 450 does have come off, whereas it's unnecessary on the 250F.

You can also take a look at Motoman393's web site. Search or wait for someone to post.

Motoman's site-

dadgummit..I took the radiators off and drained the coolant on my '426 first...oh well, i'll know next time... :naughty:

I just did it for the first time 2 weeks ago I had 1 exhaust valve of and had to shimm one. I am not to mechanical but didn't cause any problem. After finding out how easy it was I definitely will do it once a year.

Don't know why you would take the headstay off...I don't have any problem getting the cover off with it on. To save time on cam timing, I just 'roll" the cam up alongside the other one while changing shims. Works for me. Tdub

As an old flat rate mechanic, I only remove what I have to unless it makes the job significantly easier. Having done the 250F with the headstay in place, I quite naturally tried it like that with the 450, but it didn't want me to take the cam cover off without removing it. I did, however, just remove the top 2 bolts and rock it back. :naughty: Maybe I'll give it go when I get into it again in couple weeks and see if I missed a trick

When I was working flattrate, like you said you are always looking for timesavers(not shortcuts). Now that I am back in the raceshop, the boss is just the opposite LOL

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