May Day Poker Run ( John's Peak )

Can anyone fill me in on this event? Any MRA members possibly ? I'm planning on going, but it's a 5 hour drive for me...will it be worth it ? What kind of terrain, weather etc.... might I be facing ? :naughty:

EDIT: Also dirt conditions and elevation would be helpful.

Well it's worth the trip. :D I have a vintage race Saturday at Woodland and will do the poker run Sunday. :D John's Peak/Timber Mountian has a granite side and a loomy/clay side. The MRA sets up an A (advanced/pink ribbon) trail, B (intermediate/blue ribbon) trail and a C (novice/ white ribbon) trail, they all meet several times and you're able to switch courses depending on how you feel. :naughty: If you've never been down here it's a great way to check out the area without getting lost. You usually finish in a few hours then you can head back out to see some more. I think the altitude is roughly 2000 feet. :naughty: They usually have the drawing at 3 or so, but Dave will let you know. :D

sounds good..I'll be there.

Any website for information? Is this a good family type ride?



Check out the link in my previous reply. :naughty:

I will be doing Tech inspection again for this event. When you come throught the line say "Hi" and tell me who you are. I am the red headed old fart in the blue denim coat wearing a red MRA baseball hat and glasses. :naughty:


What's the weather been like down there eh ? I'll definatley say hi. :naughty:

btw ... how's the tech inspection go ? Anything special I should know before my 5 hour jog down I-5 ?

Jim, you ether wear the same thing all the time or are passionate about what you wear and plan way ahead :naughty:


Are you headed that way? If so, are you bringing any of your parts?


I would like to but just did Chinahat for 3 days and have another 3 day ride weekend next week so I think I'm going to stay put this weekend (as in just ride Friday and Sunday :naughty: ) and reacquaint myself with my family. I'm so busy I schedule dates with my wife now :naughty:

I understand!!! I'll catch ya at another run.


Tech inspection consists of sound check (99 db or less), OHV sticker and Spark arrestor. And yes I pretty much wear the same old ratty coat but the hat makes me an official member of the group. The weather down here has been in the high 70s. We could use a little rain before the event to hold down the dust, but we havn't had any for almost a week.


Awesome :naughty:

Well, it's a new day and it has been raining pretty steady since about 4:00pm yesterday afternoon. That should should mean a dust free ride on Sunday. The official weather guesser says about 10 percent chance of rain on Sunday, but hell this is Oregon, if you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes. IT WILL CHANGE. :naughty:


Intresting...think I could get an update tomorrow? :naughty:

I will let you know what has happened and what they THINK might happen tomarrow.


we are leaving tomarrow around noon and usually camp near the check point on kane cr.

this is always a great run and lots of fun . looking forward to saying hi to ya Jim, we`ll see ya there .


OK, here is the latest. It never rained anymore after yesterdays post about 7:00 am or so. The official weather guess for Sunday is a High of about 60 degrees with a chance of a shower. If it is raining during sign-up there will not be any sound check because the rain somehow does strange things to the readings. Of coarse there also won't be a need for a spark arrestor check either. But look out people, I'll be looking for OHV stickers. If you don't have one, they have them for sale at sign-up.


Thanks for the updates Jim :naughty:

Anywho. Looks like me and a few buddies got everything in order and we'll be headin down in the morning. See ya'll down there. :naughty:

We'll see ya there Jim. Went into Goldenwest and Bob has been selling tires like a mad man. :naughty: Should be some good riding weather. Mike

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