How should I mount the plate on my 04 CRF 450 (Pics inside)

Just plated my 04 CRF 450 and used the Trick Dual sport kit. I love the kit and think it looks sweet. Problem I am having is how to mount the plate, Vertical or horizontal. The Tail light assembly bracket with it mounted vertically will cover the reflector on the bottom. With the plate mounted horizontal the plate sticks out pass the bracket just a little on both sides. Anyone with a similar experience have any suggestions or ideas. Here are a few pics of the plate and how it would look mounted to the bracket.

Verical mount:


Horizontal Mount:


I vote for sideways. Vertical looks a little weird. :naughty:

Yep, Put it sidways. Up an Down looks all Hill-Bob

Are we gonna see that bike in the dualsport class at FPMX anytime soon? :naughty:

Seriously, a friend has the same setup with the plate attached vertically. Never takes it off when we go to the track. Now the plate is cut in half from tire rub on the rear end compression from jumping. Not sure it'd make any difference if he had installed it horizontally.


I went sideways, drilled new holes and trimmed off the sides with some tin snips. Fits like a glove

I vote for sideways. Vertical looks a little weird. :naughty:

Ditto, I don't think vertical is technically legal either, I know guys do it, but why give "The Man" a reason to pull you over :naughty:

Hey how did you get your bike street legal? I have an 02 crf 450 that is legal but want to make my wifes 04 legal.

OK I looked closer and saw it was a Utah plate. But you are from ca. Did you buy the bike in Utah and reg it in Utah or is it originally from ca and you switched it to Utah. what did it take and how hard was it to do this.

Basically what I did was when I bought the bike I gave it to my Brother in Law who lives in Utah. He is the only one on the title and he also carries the insurance. So basically I am borrowing the bike if asked. Cause legally it is not really mine. That's the only way I could think of doing it. All the other ways that people suggested with keeping your name on title as an owner just seemed like you would get hasseled to much if they ran a plate and your name came up but you don't have a license in that state. I have never been told I can't drive my sister's car or Father's or anyone else when driving it with there permission so don't see why a bike could be any different.

I have a street legal 04 CRF450R with the same kit for the back fender. It Sucks. It's way too heavy. The wind distorts the fender all over the place and it vibrates a lot because the fender isn't sturdy enough to support it. I cut the flap with the reflector off and it did help a bit but I still hate it. If your using the 19" wheel, when jumping the tire will hit the tail light and the blinker lenses will pop out and you may not find them. I'm gonna try one of the LED low profile tail lights and I'll make some custom blinkers. My plate is horizontal FWIW.

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