02 crf 450 trans oil

what is the correct amount? the manual says .62 us qt, but i wanted someone else's opinion...thanks

why woundnt you believe the manual?

If you convert .62 US Qts to CCs, you should come up with 590 CCs. I could be wrong though, but am pretty sure.

I converted all the volumes to CCs because it was easiest to do it that way because of the Ratio Rite I use.

I ran 590 CCs (most of the time I poured in just over 600 CCs) in the tranny of my '02 for quite some time without any problems.

thanks for the info. as far as why I didnt believe the manual was because when i first got the bike i remember being told a "magic #" for trans oil volume, and it seemed like they said something about the manual being wrong. i probably misunderstood. thanks!

manual says 590cc i run 600cc

590cc with the stock clutch cover

800cc with Hinson clutch cover

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