Boot cleaning questions.

hey TT'ers, i got a question about cleaning boots. (obviously) I got a pair of pearly white Alpinestar Tech 8's and when i ride, they suprisinly get dirty :naughty: They have a faint brown stain on them and a few little black streeks. Do you guys have any boot cleaning secrets that you would like to share. Thanx a ton!!!! (I posted this question here instead of general because i know that more people check this forum then the general forum and i will get more replies :naughty: )

I remember Alpinestars made a leather conditioner for their white boots. If you cant find it, im sure any brand of white leather conditioner should make them white again.

Someone said simple green works...although I have not tried it, I would test it on some other leather just to make sure it won't damage it.

Thanx for the advice guys, sounds great!!!!

Key is to clean them after you ride before the stains set. If you wait a week, the stains can be very stubborn. Once you get them clean, light coat of silicone spray and wipe also helps keep them clean.

Believe it or not but foaming tire cleaner works great on my Tech 8's. :naughty:

Spray off with water after ride, scrub with simple green, then put a coating of armor all on them and voila, you got your boots back to the pearly white you know and love.

I like to use hondabrite and a powerwasher on mine. It works real good at getting the yellowish brown dirt stains off. Also, after I am done cleaning them i spray honda spray cleaner on them. It leaves a waxy film that repels dirt and makes cleaning easiers. WD-40 works well after they are clean. It just leaves them oily, but makes cleaning easier.

My favorite cleaner is "made by the makers of oxy clean".... but seriously its called Orange Clean Power Paste and Orange Clean Degreasing Foam. I like the foam better than Simple Green, and the power paste for the dirt stains that are pretty stubborn on the plastics or really anything elae. Works good to clean all those pesky bugs that decided to commit suicide in front of your trailer. I took some up to a friend house one time to clean the bikes off with after we rode and I didn't come home with it. He confiscated it. :naughty: oh well, time to buy more.

Comet my man COmet

Believe it or not but foaming tire cleaner works great on my Tech 8's. :naughty:

Works on my Tech 6's too

Wessals bleach white tire cleaner. This stuff is awsome. I use it everwear.

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