Playing in the front yard=danger!

So yesterday my wife and I were supposed to leave for a dinner engagement at 6:30. So at 5:30, naturaly, I decide to jump on the dirt bike(old ATk 604) and fire it up and take a lap around the front yard. ~we live on about 3 acres~

So I come into a right hand turn, banked, with a 4X4 fence on the left hand side of me. Twist the throttle a little too hard and the front end popped up while I was still turning right. So now the front wheels coming up and still turning right, so I back off the throttle. Front end comes down, I somewhat 'high-side' and I'm now heading for the fence. A little twist of the throttle and I'm startign to pull away from the fence.

then *BAM!* my knee slams into a 4X4 upright, and maybe a peg hit it as well, not the bar though...somehow...

Anyway, I take a good spill. Get up. Kneecap moves back into place and my left knee is killing me! Uh good. I can still walk on it though. Picked the bike up, but there wasn't going to be any kicking it to life with my knee that bad. So I pushed it back to the other side of the house. Went in the house. Took off my clothes and jumped in the shower. Didn't tell the wife about it until I was getting dressed.

So I hobbled my dumbarse self around last night with an ACE bandage on my knee. (that my nice, lovely, doctor wife got at the drug store after giving a free consult and knee exam) (editorial provided by Dr. :naughty:

I think I realy got lucky. So far the swelling has been going down pretty nicely. And I'm able to limp around on it ok. I mean, I aint doing a marathon, but I'm able to put weight on it and stuff.

Going to give it a few more days and reasses it and go to the doctor if I'm not up to speed in a few more days.

Moral of the story?

I dunno, I'm too stupid to figure it out.

Help me out TTers'!

Sorry to hear about that, but don't feel bad. It's happened to us all. Throw some ice on that knee and get back on the bike asap. :naughty:

Don't sweat's part of the game....everone crashes! Best to wear as much saftey equip as possible...good knee pad protection might have lessened the injury!

All that and you still didn't get out of the dinner engagement? You need to crash better.

Walk it off.....and next time.....stretch, before you ah...crash...

I would suggest drinking some beer, it usually help with the swelling, well ok the pain atleast. Actually, I would go to the doctor so they can give you good drugs.

Boy sure feel sorry for ya man, getting to ride in your front yrd and all...

Joking but not really but joking

yep lots of ice on the outside and lots of ice cold ones for the inside!!!

and hey it beats crasshin while riding up the stairs in front of your apt building right infront of a couple of hotties!!

No body has addressed the bike...I hope it's OK...and my friend you have proved a point...if the wife says your going out, short of death, you are time ride IN your suit so when you crash you well screw up the suit.

I bet your wife was pissed.....

I feel your pain..literaly, I was being a dumbass 2 weeks ago and had my bars land on my leg just above my knee, my knee filled up with so much blood I could hardly bend it so the doctor drained 100 cc's of blood out from under my knee cap 2 days ago and it is already as big as before, Im keeping it wrapped with an ace bandage as well but that is pushing the blood into my anlke, now my ankle is swollen and black and blue and all I want to do is ride! :D:naughty::naughty:

Ouch! :naughty: ....but, more the Husky OK :naughty: JK

what a drag Sharpie1, and spring ridng conditions are finally here too.


The moral is simple: Stay farther away from the fence...... :naughty:


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