Need help with Yamaha 89' XT 600

I was hoping that someone could shed some light to a problem i have been having with my yamaha xt600...When the bike is at wide open throttle it will hesitate badly or even sometimes stall in 2nd through 5th gear??? i have completely torn the carb apart and cleaned all of the jets...the bike runs perfectly when at cruising speeds, but as soon as you mash it it will hesitate almost like a bad miss and then stall...sometimes followed by a the valves need to be adjusted?? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...thanks!!

Check the petcock and clean that, other than that check to make sure there is nothing blocking the airfilter. If not, take a look at the valves and see if they are in clearance.

check the jetting. im not sure on your model but my 85 was originally 135 size jets. sounds like your bike is running rich

ckeck the decompressor i believe that by pass s engine compression threw carb upon start and if its sticken that may be it?

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