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Supercross torrents

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howdy all. Well up untill this week i was not downloading the torrents of the suppercross races because my computer would not let me. When i origionally tryed i downloaded some codecs and it really messed things up with me not being able to view movies at all. Well then i had some tt members help me get back to where i was before. So i gave up trying to download the torrents. well the other day i decided to try and see if i could download them and i got it to work. So now i have downloaded all the torrents i could. And i have also left mine up at nights for others to download from me. So i was wondering if i could get a huge favor from everyone here. When searching through the forums i was unable to find rices 1 thru 6 and i think round 9. So i was wondering if some one would be willing to post links to those races so that i could view those races also. The reason why i ask is that i was hoping to get the complete season so i could put them all on 1 disc, so i could watch them in the future. In addition i do not have cable so i have yet to see the races anyway. ive listened to them, but not watched. Any help would be appreciated.



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