Pic from the last FTR Hare Scramble

dumb question, but was that from Gatorback?? The first Harescramble I did was there a few years ago, going down into the quarry in the back was an absolute blast, the road out of it was pretty memorable, 5 gear tapped out and going slightly up hill, WHAT A BLAST!!!!!!

Wasnt there a bunch of rain for that race?

great pic, i all assume that is gatorback from a couple of weeks ago. very very sorry i missed the best HS race in the world. FTR should have every race there

john 03 crf450r


thats a great pic

That is in fact Gatorback. That is the best place to run a Hare Scramble for sure.

Cool pic, post more if ya got em.

great pic :naughty: ..........those dump trux r huge :naughty:

I love that place. How about the big-ass dirt hill in the back? Do you have any pictures of that?

i really feel for rider 115c on the kx125, thats really gotta hurt

go to the johnny jpegs link


In that picture, you will see that the rider gives up and lets go of the bars. Never do that, cause I have rode out of way worst than that. When you take your hands off, you have no chance of not crashing. :naughty:

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