About my 01 426

i bought a used yz426 about two weeks ago. I looked it over really good, didnt smoke..had a new top end put in it. i tes took it for a test drive and seemed to run strong. I noticed one problem whne i got home w/ it that i didnt notice there was that if im riding for maybe 30 mins. or so and bring it back it drips a few drop of coolant on the ground. im guessing theres a problem...any advice would be great Thanks Sean

It depends where the coolant is coming from. If it's coming from the overflow hose and it's only a few drops I wouldn't sweat it. If I remember correctly unlike a 01WR426 the 01YZ426 didn't come with a coolant recovery tank. So if it needs to puke a little coolant your going to see it.

Now if it's loosing coolant from somewhere other then the overflow tube there may be a problem.

Is the bike running really hot? If not and the coolant is just a few drops coming from the overflow tube I wouldn't sweat it. Just check your coolant level before you go riding.

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