Any mx schools?

Are there any mx schools in the PA area? The closest one I have found thus far is Gary's but thats 6 hrs away. Im not sure I want to do that. Id probably get lost and end up making it a 10 hour drive you know what I mean? Id like to find one within 3 or 4 hours from the West Chester area. Anybody know of something close. I am probably going to end up going to Gary's in OH if I cant find anything closer.



Tony D. has a school at Hurricane Hills if that helps at all.

Hey Yz, it is worth the trip we have gone with 2 different kids twice out to Gary's it is so easy to get to very few turns to take. And we are from connecticut 8 hours away. Go to one of his classes you will learn a lot and become a better rider.

it's going to be well worth it for you to drive alittle further for quality instruction.i just got back from garys april class(i live in michigan)and i have no doubts that i'll go next year.i'm sure after his class you'll not be so concerned about the 6 hours.

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