fork trouble!

i've got a '99 XR100R and the forks are both bent. it looks like someone drove it into a wall! is there any way a machine shop or something could bend them straight? if not, does anyone out there have a straight pair to sell? thanks!

no sorry man, but i would try ebay or your local salvage place

They can be straightened if not too badly bent. Seems to me I was quoted $60 per leg once. Call a bike shop. If they don't do it they'll know who can but Ebay would probably be cheaper, if the ones you get aren't bent.

i think ebay or the salvage yard would be your best bet. :naughty: personally i would not ride a bike where the fork legs have been bent back :naughty:

my 80 is the exact same way. the forks seem to be bent back ~3-5mm. It doesnt affect performance, so i just left 'em.

yeah mine lasted about a day hehe. i got snaked out of 2 sets on ebay but finally got the last one today! thanks

about bending them straight, you could most likely do it by hand, with 2 people if they are not oo badly bent, but it might cause some of the chrome plating on the stanchions to crack or flake off

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