Does this look bent?

Looks like someone put it back together without one of the spacers :naughty:



Hey Max Power, is that pic of you're avatar what all girls look like in B.C.? LOL

Oh yeah, the fender question......It could just be the fender but it does look bent.

I think its just the fender.

no the fender is dead on with the rest of the bike, it looks like the swing arm is at an angle and the wheel is off to one side.

I would say something looks bent, I had to take a second look after the replies and I would say the tires look proportionate to the bike and as mentioned above it kind of looks like the fender is twisted left

It's not's CUSTOMIZED! :naughty:

Sumthin's not right,or wrong........ :naughty:


the subframe is bent

i think the most probably solution is that he tried to tighten the chain and couldnt figure out the adjusters

Maybe the subframe is tweaked a little bit...

The fender is definitely tweaked, but the tire doesn't line up either.

Shoot a straight line from the center of the front of the seat through the center of the rear of the seat.

Fender tweaked left, tire slightly to the right, both together make it look seriously fuxord.

I dunno man, looks kinda AFU. Hard to tell with that picture though.

lens distortion

the sub frames big deal..its not hard to do either......or fix for that matter

It's a special offset swing arm for circle track racing. :naughty:

Let's put it this way....

It's on Ebay.

I wouldn't buy it without a personal inspection and test ride.

The Swing Arm Is An Inch To The Right Haha

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