What bike for wife and son?

My 9 yr old has a DRZ110. I am planning on getting an XR250 for myself. If I want to get a 3rd bike that my 11 year old (new rider, 5'0", 82 lbs) and my wife (5'7") could share, should I consider a used XR200, used CRF230, or a different bike? The use will mostly be trail riding in the desert. No MX. Price is definitely a consideration. My wife and son both rode a friend's XR100 today. They liked it but it looked to me like it was too small for both of them. I also thought they would grow out of it too soon. My wife also rode a friends XR250, but she really felt it was too tall for her.

Also, what are the main differences between the XR200 and CRF230 beside electric start?

I'd go for the CRF150 because it wouldn't be too big for your son and it wouldn't be too small for your wife.

Yes,go for the crf150.My friend just bought a 150 for his wife.She is 5'5" i also got on the bike and i am 5'9" and fit fine.I did not ride it but the power should be ok.My son is 4'8" and rides a xr80 and is also 82lbs and power is fine.You can fine tune with different bars or pegs.

definitely the crf150 :naughty:

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