Newbie looking for KLX 125 mods

Bought the KLX 125, a 2003, ( for my son, about 115 lbs.) no owners manual but ordered the service manual right away. Any ideas on mods to the airbox, jetting or pipe to get smoother operation without much more money. The carb was pretty gunked up when I got it but (the Dealer) cleaned it all out, (I) dumped in some Seafoam and it is running a lot better now, but get some hesitation when twisting the throttle quickly. Any one know the stock clip position on the needle. Don't know if the dealer changed anything when they were getting it ready to go. Any input would be great. Havent figured out how to search for info yet.

The stock needle is not adjustable. The BBR web page suggests buying a TTR 125 needle which is adjustable. It helped, but it would be easier and cheaper to just get some tiny washers at the local hardware store to shim the needle, and you get more adjustablitity.

also try adjusting the air/fuel screw at the bottem of the carb, its on the cylender side. drill out the brass plug. i tryed it but the plug didnt seem to wanna drill so u may want to ask someone else. just my thoughts

take it to a shop and have it done.if you drill to deep you will hit the mixture screw and jam it all the way in the carb body.dont just use washers to space the needle up the is what i call rigging.(dumb)and will void any warranty if you have one.use the ttr needle and if thats not enough than get the proper needle shims.

i agree bring it to the dealer

i agree bring it to the dealer

There are many people who have made these modifications themselves. Using the SEARCH function on this forum will show what can be done inexpensively. I would strongly disagree about taking it to the dealer to do simple mods to the airbox, carb, exhaust, etc. Motorcycles are one of the last stands for the do it yourselfer. Don't give in to the dark side.

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