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I don't know how it is where you are at but in the South Sierra of California the future of our trails more and more is becoming the responsibility of the users. Many trails here are on the verge of being "decommissioned" because of deterioration. Decommissioned means being taken out of the OHV trail system. The U.S. forest Service in our area has been supportive of volunteer efforts to restore and maintain trails. Today I spent the day building water bars on the Long Canyon trail above Lake Isabella. It was a gas! Hard work but fun in a kid kind of way - you get to fix the trail If you are facing the same issues I incourage you to approach your land managers to propose the same kind of solution.

Yeah, I can relate! I have been working at reopening two single track trails in the Smith River National Recreation Area which appear to have been without U.S.F.S. maintenance for several years. Every time I ride up there I take a Sandvik to cut and remove downed trees.

I exert more energy clearing the trails than I do riding the bike!! It's worth it though, both High Dome and Elk Ridge Camp trails are awesome, steep, rocky, gnarly, technical and tight. It's very satisfying work.

It would be very easy for trails like these to just disappear. It's up to us to keep this from happening.

Trees! They do fall down. The problem here is otherwise pretty responsible riders don't think to clear the tree, but just ride around them creating parallel trails. We are faced with many trees this year after our near record snowfall.

It's great you are bringing trails back from the dead. Ours are more on the deathbed through neglect.

I usually ride in this place called Wayne National Forest. (its state forest land)

Its in southern Ohio.

A season pass is $25 bucks a year.

They made $280,000 in trail passes last year.

for that fact.... i feel its thier responsibility to maintain my trails.

On another note. They had a bunch of rain over the winter.

The athens district (where I usually ride) was supposed to open on April 15th. Now its not supposed to open till july.

Just for the the fact that all the politics can't choose a contractor to do the work.

The Chief forest ranger needs a new bmw

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