Hans Rey


I remember that guy from my MTB days, that guy is an awsome trials rider.

I have been amazed many a times by what he does. Have you ever seen that video of him when he is stuck in gridlock traffic in LA and get out his bike and starts hopping all over cars ans stuff. That guy was good.... until he got married, then he disappeard??

That guy was good.... until he got married, then he disappeard??

Haha, i wonder what the women did to him... :naughty:

My balls just tensed up... :naughty:

That's just nuts!!

Nice leotards...


found this picture off google...guess he did make it (it's a picture probably 3 seconds after the one NOS posted) :naughty:

I remember him, he was amazing.

He still is amazing, That guy is a MTB god!! The things he can do are incrediable.

Ever since I stopped MTB'ing years ago I stopped following the sport. I do wonder what happened to him.

Nice leotards...

dude you just made my day! thanks LOL :D:naughty::naughty:

No Hans Ray.. he was some wicked Mtn Biker, saw him at the Bike Show abouy 10 years ago, unbelievable,.... he was doing stuff that I see the trials riders doing - hop ups etc... that the rest of us would need a motor to do. Pure talent

i have never seeen this guy b4 but that is amazing :naughty:

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