Local positive action

I don't know how it is where you are at but in the South Sierra of California the future of our trails more and more is becoming the responsibility of the users. Many trails here are on the verge of being "decommissioned" because of deterioration. Decommissioned means being taken out of the OHV trail system. In spite of all the big political and legal stuff going on the U.S. forest Service in our area has been supportive of volunteer efforts to restore and maintain trails. Today I spent the day building water bars on the Long Canyon trail above Lake Isabella. It was a gas! Hard work but fun in a kid kind of way - you get to fix the trail If you are facing the same issues I incourage you to approach your land managers to propose the same kind of solution.

Yes we all need to help to save our trails. Up here in Norcal at Georgetown, CA (rock creek/mace mill staging area) the USFS Rangers have about 6 work days a year to build/repair trails and bridges. We work on OHV tarils and non OHV trails and we don't mind. A work group usually consists of OHVers, hikers and equstrians. We all enjoy the hard work.

If you know of said work days spread the word to clubs, friend and post in cycleshops, the more we do the better we are.


CERA President


Check out "adopt-a-trail" programs with the USFS. I did it with a group of MTBers and it worked out great.