ankle brace????

hello everyine have a question...

i have a problem with my right ankle as once again i just broke it and need 2 pins in it my question is when im walking again and about to get back on the bike is there any company thats maybe makes some kind of high tech brace for ankles that maybe fit inside a riding boot with some modification to the boot???? :naughty: any replys would be helpful

i over-jumped a triple a bit and landed on flat managed to break my right ankle which i already have problems with because ive wrecked it before and it simply bends too far (for short)... my left only sprained i feel like a brace could prevent this from happening so easily next time just incase...

there called Gaerne SG-10's...haha

They really do have nice hinge that acts somewhat like a brace.

Other than that i don't know.

Maybe look at Allsport Dynamics, they have alot of brace products and they make have ankle braces...

CTI makes some good ankle braces...

Sidi Boots maybe...I heard they hinged and the new Alpinestar 10's...I tore a portion of my achilles heel and had considered some kind of ankle support. Unfortunately the landing on big jumps can be real tough on the ankles. I don't use one anymore. I don't do real big air as much too. I had just used a stretch bandage that gave support. Some of the boots have an internal bootie and it makes it hard to wear any support. Let me know what you find out. I rode a bike alot to get the ankle back into shape. Tried to keep swelling down as much as possible and am riding as much as I want now.

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