How to change a KX 250f Transmission oil

Today I was looking at my manual and saw that it should how to change the engine oil, but nothing about the transmission oil, such as how many liters to put in, what kind of oil, and also where to put it, Please help, also would it be okay to run 10w 30, the guys at montclair yamaha sold me yamalube 10x 30. can someone please help me, thanks

basically the engine oil is the transmission oil..theres no seperate oil and tranny changes need to be done its all one together.. i use 1 and a half quarts of 10w40 motul etech100, your owners manual should tell you where and what drain bolts to remove for drianing it, to fill it up the oil plug is above the right side engine case, your owners manual should tell you step by step everything you need for basic maintenance if you dont have one im sure any dealership who sells kawsaki's should beable to sell you one for pretty cheap maybe like 10 bucks

so there is no tranmission oil that needs to be put in, then why is there two drain bolts on the bottom of the motor, when I change the motor do I need to remove both of them or just one, I know the manual said the one in the back was the transmission plug, thanks

ok i dont have a KXF but if your manual says to remove both bolts, then remove both bolts lol

Yes, remove both bolts when you change your oil. The smaller one lets the oil out of the tranny. The kawi doesn't have seperate tranny oil.

yea I always remove both bolts when draining my oil if the manual tells you to do it there's got to be a reason and it drains faster with both bolts out.

The large bolt drains the transmission area, the small bolt drains the crankcase area.

Once you remove the small crankcase bolt, remove one of the engine plugs on the magneto cover. The oil will drain easier when you allow the crankcase to "breathe".

Got a tech bulletin from my Suzuki guy, they suggest to warm the bike prior to changing the oil, however do not do high revs. The oil takes a while to drain back down after real high revs. Also after a hard run, dont freak out if your oil does not show in the window, again takes a while for it to run down.

ya warm it up, it even sais that in the owners manual, but if you dont know how to change the oil ide definatly recomend reading the the manual or buying one if you dont have it

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