need help with logo

I need your help. I want to use my tattoo for the logo on my website but I can't do it in paint (don't have the talent) and was wondering if you guys can help a brother out. I know there are a ton of you out there who are way talented at this kind of stuff. I want it to say savage racing. The tatoo only says savage (if you can figure it out) so I'll let you guys get creative, Thanks a ton, Jon


still need it? can rebuild it in freehand, export as jpg or psd for you.

Yes, please do. I suck freehand on the computer. All help will be greatly appreciated.

Do you still have the proof from the tattoo artist? I kept my proof and scanned it and then brought it in to PSP. That's also what I used to letter my trailor. Let me know if you still have the proof.

No I don't. If I did I would just scan it and go from there but he stenciled it on and I never even thought about keeping it. I know, hindsight is 20/20

Give me an e-mail addy that I can attach to.

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