i have a 2005 CRF450R. factory connection suspension.


low speed comp: 14 clicks from full hard out

high speed comp: 3 turns from full hard out

rebound: 11 clicks from full hard out

(Stock Spring)


comp: 17 from full hard out

rebound: 17 from full hard out

Spring rate .46 KG

i know nothing about setting up suspension and i need major help. i have my own track that is whoopy and sandy like southwick, mass, and then some of the track is dirt. when i go through bumps and whoops the bike is very unhappy. the rear kicks and fights and i just can't keep the bike under controll. i am on the gas through the bumps trying to keep the front end up but the bike just fights me. i could ramble on with more things but i am not sure if this is enough information for someone to help me. if it isn't i can explain more. also i am 175 ilbs 6'2". and if someone could tell me what video to get to learn about suspension or someone would like to explain what to do when the bike does certain things please tell me. thanks


well regardless of springs or how they laid out the shim stacks i don't think those settings will work for anybody other than a trail rider :naughty:

try rear LS comp 6 out

rear HS comp 1 1/2 out

rear rebound 7 out

FT rebound 7 out

FT comp 8 out

380cc oil in outter chamber.

if its still loose and wallows around your going to have to correct your valving and mid valve and start over and ck the spring rates .

Yeah, those fork settings seem way off, but the shock is pretty close actually. My settings that work with my Factory Connection suspension on my '05 (stock springs rates) for B-level motocross are:

Forks: Comp -12

Reb - 12

Shock LSC - 14

HSC - 3

Reb - 10

Rider sag - 104mm

Start there, but in sandy conditions you will probably want to slow the LSC and rebound down on both ends though, so try going in 1 click at a time on LSC and Reb front and rear until it feels settled. Kelstr's setting suggestions would work good on stocker's, but if I ran those on my suspension now it would beat me to death. If you can't get it dialed in call SteveO at FC and let him help you.

thank you. anybody else have any advice because i can use all the help i can get.



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