Salt Lake Tribune - OHV vs Wilderness

I took the time to read all of the articles and they're worth the read.

I would recommend that everyone read them and get involved.

That is an interesting read. I'll have to look up USA-ALL

Thanks for posting these. They are important at many levels for our community. I personally think we need to do better in policing ourselves in how we treat our neighbors that we share th resources with. It makes me sick to hear about OHV people leaving trash and the midnight drinking and driving that goes on. These are the wrong kind of people to represent us but they stand out as sore thumbs so much so that responsible participants go ignored.

I also think we need to do a better job in safety education. I won't let my kids touch any kind of OHV without a helmet, goggles and boots at a minimum. I also don't let them touch atvs until they are old enough to ride one that is full size. The little atvs are just looking to roll over on the first off camber area - I've seen it happen too often. All my kids ride dirt bikes period.


Knowledge is power. Good articles, interesting to see how the OHV community is portrayed in the different articles, savior to one dying community and a nuisance to another. God help us!! :naughty:

Picked up a copy as I was leaving Moab this AM for home. Typical liberal BS viewpoint for a great part of it. Makes me mad and sad. I'm afraid our days are limited unless we wake up and pull our heads our of our collective a$$es. How do they figure we can triple OHV sales in the U.S. and cut down the riding areas to a fraction of what they used to be - AND - keep the envrionemnt pristine and pure.

Thanks for posting these. I thought the reporter did a pretty good job of staying neutral and giving both sides of the issue. While I wish it had a slant toward our use at least it wasn't biased toward the greenies, IMHO.

Bill P has a good point. Public land managers should be looking to expand OHV riding areas rather than contracting them. Packing us in to smaller and smaller areas just causes more damage.

Spread us out a bit.

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