Seat Question 04 SM450 TE 450 interchangeable /01CR250

Anyone know if a 01CR250 seat would snap on an 04 TE/TC/SMr ?

Better yet where can I get a a new seat foam being that I cut my seat to make it lower but now I want it stock seat height..

The seats on the SM450R and TE's are interchangeable. You can get new foam/cover from

Thanks Peter, say you would't to happen to want a lowered seat would ya.. Great for street but not if your doing jumps on the bike.. has the stock cover on it still ... :naughty:

The CR/TE seats should swap ok. The foam is the same. The shrouds and side panels are identical so I think the seatbase should fit.

i fugure that much since there is one on sale for 25 bux.. :naughty: I ended getting the original from motoxotica $130 aint so bad..

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