boyesen accelerator pump for fcr carb, does anyone have one

I bought Justin Keeneys kx 250f, the one they did the October Motocross action spread on, it has PR2 motorwork, when I start the bike it takes forever to warm up and often bogs unless I ride it for 20 minutes, I was thinking of getting the accelerator pump for my carb, read the reviews in transworld motocross and said it solved all the problems I was having, not sure if anyone else had the same results as they said they had, such as, no bogging and great accleration.

go search for it, theres like a ton of these posts

The PR2 motors are really fast arnt they?I know mine is.Go for the AP pump.You will not regret it.

I am very pleased with mine, you may want to thnk about an ICAT and if you do not have a "T" handle fuel screw get one. Scott's makes one abou $15. I would think you might want to try a a bit richer on you fuel screw and or check your pilot jet. My bike came from PC and was running a 38 and had the same cold nature, moved to a 42 and out to 2 turns on the fuel screw, problem solved.


how much was your KX250F

I paid Keeneys dad $4,100.00

just thought id let ya know that mitch payton was sellin Tedesco's bikes last year for 3500 a pop :naughty:

i have the boyesen pump COVER...remember it's just a cover. all fcr's have an accelerator pump already on them.

it helped low end snap but it doesn't cure problems of jetting. i would strongly recommend setting the timing on your acc pump and getting your jetting correct before putting that pump on otherwise it will just make it that much harder to tune. if you can spend the money on a pr2 motor, spend the extra time or even money to have a shop get the jettin correct on it. took me about 30 minutes of riding on a track trying different jets and checkin the plug to get mine right.

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