Hey guys i know there is about 1000 topics about tires..but i am really close to buying a set and want a set that will last...I had a pair or D752's on my 125 and they wore fast, so my question is do the Dunlop D756RR's wear out fast riding on mixxed terrain...i mostly ride soft...harescrambles/gncc' would the D756RR's last me a good while and do they hook up good in soft terrain???

the sets im looking at are (front/back)

Dunlop D756RR

Dunlop D773

Maxxis Sur Cross/ Maxxis SI

Michelin S-12/ Michelin M-12

Michelin S-12/ Michelin S-12

So what set would you guys say would be the best for what i am looking for?

Goin on YZ250F



i would say maxxis, dunlop's wear out to fast, and maxxis has like 30 times more nobbies. what does everyone else think?

756RR and 773 wear extremely fast.

I like your Michelin suggestions the best. Look into the Michelin StarCross MS3's as well.

Second, I'd go for the set of Maxxis Maxxcross IT's or SI's

I could have sworn I replied to this.... did you make a similar post somewhere else?

Basically I love the S-12/M-12 combo.

thinking about gettin the maxxis it's myself, though i've never had them from what i've read on here everyone says they wear like iron and no complaints

My experience with the MAxxis IT's is ok. They wear great but the cornering traction is below avg. THey hook up great in a straight line but break loose way too often. The maxxis surcross wear out quick just like the 756's. Only tire I've tried that wears good and corners awesome is the Pirelli MT32. That wasn't one of your choices though. It corners almost as good as a 756 and wears very well.

the D756 is a great REAR tire for the first couple of rides. all kinds of traction, its great. but that rubber wear out quickly. the knobbies become nubs. i am never going to buy another one again.

i have heard others say that the D756 FRONT tire is simply awesome. i have yet to try one though.

i have also been impress with the Vulcan IRC Enduro tires.

i run michelin starcross ms3s on my bike. i was going through dunlop 756s way too often. once i started running the michelins i was only having to put one set of tires on per year, and turning the rear around half way through the season.

Maxxi tires are very heavy. Like 5lbs more per tire than anything else. That weight on an axel makes a big difference on how your suspension works. That is the only thing I have heard bad about them

Ok im either going with the

Michelin S-12 F&R

Michelin S-12 R M-12 F

Maxxis SI F&R

Pirelli MT44 F&R

What is your guys pic...for durability in woods and hooking up good?

Anyone tried the MT44?

Where is bridgestone on the list. I just got a 402 for my rear and it looks awsome, im going to be trying it out this weekend

LOL!... I havn't hear a single BAD thing about the Dunlop D756. My uncle has it on his CRF450 and he says its the best tire he has ever bought.

Here is some info for you on the MT-44

MT-44 review

anyone tried the MT410?

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